Volkswagen Golf MK7

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Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Pack (MK7)

Model year: 2014
Generation: MK7 / MQB
Engine: 2.0 TSI, 230 hp & 350 Nm (EA888 Gen.3)
Gearbox: DSG 6-speed


Expanding upon our previous ventures with the MK6 Golf, we embarked on a more ambitious journey with the Golf MK7 GTI. This time, we aimed to create a comprehensive product lineup right from the start, leveraging the shared platform of the MK7 with a range of other vehicles.


The centerpiece of our development process was a completely stock Golf MK7 GTI with the performance package. This vehicle served as our laboratory on wheels, guiding us through every stage of development as our demo car.

Early Development:

Our plan was to develop a suite of performance-enhancing products that would set a new standard for the MK7 GTI. The initial product lineup was carefully chosen to cover key areas for performance improvement:


  • A high-efficiency intercooler
  • Boost pipes designed for optimal airflow
  • An airbox lid to maximize breathing
  • Turbo muffler delete for improved sound and response
  • A turbo inlet pipe to enhance the air intake system
  • A set of replacement hoses, including turbo inlet and pressure hoses, as well as various coolant hoses


With our comprehensive approach, we started by conducting an in-depth 3D scan of the vehicle's engine bay and related components. This allowed us to meticulously tailor each product to fit precisely and function seamlessly without modification or compromise.

Development Results:

Our development process culminated in a range of products that significantly enhanced the performance, efficiency, and driving dynamics of the Golf MK7 GTI. Each product, from the intercooler to the hoses, was designed not only to improve performance individually but also to work together synergistically, providing a comprehensive upgrade to the vehicle.

One of the significant hurdles we encountered was the launch of the MK7.5, which brought in a new 7-speed transmission that wasn't compatible with our initial designs. This challenge led us to redesign our boost pipes, ensuring compatibility across both the MK7 and MK7.5 versions. During this redesign we also kept in mind that some aftermarket air intakes build downwards and risk interfering with our boost pipes.


The testing phase, both on the dyno and on the road, showcased remarkable improvements in performance, validating our approach and the effectiveness of our designs.

Later Developments:

As our understanding of the MK7 GTI deepened, we identified new areas for improvement. This led to the development of additional parts:


  • A high-performance radiator, designed to significantly improve cooling efficiency, vital for maintaining optimal engine temperatures during high-performance driving.

  • The V2 intake system, an evolution of our original air intake design, offering even greater airflow efficiency and performance gains.


Integrating these additions into our existing lineup posed its own set of challenges. The new radiator needs to sit in the factory location while being larger and more efficient, and also needs to be compatible with our intercooler which is much larger than OEM as well.

Similarly, the V2 intake system was developed to not only outperform the alternatives, but also to seamlessly integrate with our existing products and look good while doing it.

Reflecting on the MK7 GTI Project:

This project marked a significant step in our journey as developers of performance parts. It was our first comprehensive product line for a single car model, setting the precedent for future projects. The experience we gained from this development, particularly in adapting to mid-cycle vehicle updates, has been invaluable, teaching us the importance of flexibility and foresight in product design.

Boost pipes, Radiator and Intercooler as installed in the car