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All product development is carried out in our facility in Nykvarn, Sweden

Volvo 850/X70 Turbo 94-00 Intercooler in the group Engine / Tuning / Intercooler / Volvo at do88 AB (ICM-130-do88r)
Volvo 850/X70 Turbo 94-00 Intercooler
Volvo 850/X70 Turbo 94-00 Intercooler
Volvo 850/X70 Turbo 94-00 Intercooler
Volvo 850/X70 Turbo 94-00 Intercooler
Volvo 850/X70 Turbo 94-00 Intercooler

Volvo 850/X70 Turbo 94-00 Intercooler

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New product! Completely new intercooler!

Note! Since this intercooler has 63mm (2,5") lower hose connection we included a special silicone hose for the lower intercooler pipe. So make sure to choose correct version in drop-list above. For installation with OEM intercooler pipe choose "OEM", for installation with do88 63mm (2,5") intercooler pipe kit choose "do88 63mm".

A performance intercooler developed by do88 that replaces the OEM intercooler with significantly improved performance!

This intercooler is developed to give you the best performance from your car without the need of big modifications of the car. To succeed with this we start from zero and looked at the available space in the car and the position of the inlet/outlet. Then we designed the intercooler tanks with CAD software with the aim to design an intercooler with the best possible tank that distributes the airflow over the whole core to maximize cooling and minimize pressure drop.

Our intercooler are an all aluminium construction with can handle much higher pressure then the OEM intercooler which have plastic tanks that can break or come loose at higher boost pressure.

A swap to this intercooler is a terrific upgrade for everybody that tuned / chip tuned / rebuilt their car so a better intercooler performance is needed!
Already at boost pressures just a bit over original pressure (like software upgrade / chip tune) we can see improved cooling and less pressure drop compared to OEM intercooler!

To the left under the main picture you will find two diagrams whish we show the difference between our intercooler and the OEM intercooler as well as one other common aftermarket intercooler. These data we logged in tests with intercooler in front of car and all three intercoolers were tested under the same conditions. Therefore, these data are reference values for comparison of different intercoolers performance that does not directly comparable with intercooler mounted in the original location.

A diagram shows the pressure drop across the intercooler.
The next chart shows the difference in cooling ability between these intercoolers.