2001-2006 - Diesel engines - Volvo - By vehicle

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to Koenigsegg

By vehicle / Volvo / Diesel engines / 2001-2006

Hose kits developed by do88 that replaces original charge air hoses in turbo / intercooler system on your Volvo Diesel!

This is a more dureable alternative to OEM hoses that unfotunately are prone to fail even at low mileage and normal use of a car in standard execution.
do88 silicone hose kits are always developed to withstand higher temperatures and pressures compared to original hoses. In this kit we take this even further when we add an inner layer of top quality fluorosilicone rubber to extend the chemical resistance of the hose and make it last even longer time!

Why should you your OEM hoses with do88 silicone hoses?
  • The hoses in your car getting old/cracked and needs to be replaced especially on a tuned car!
  • Silicone hoses performs well in a higher temperature range!
  • Silicone hoses are designed for higher pressure!
  • Price often lower then OEM!
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