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GFB, Turbo Fuse in the group Engine / Tuning / Blow Off Valves / Boost control / Boost control at do88 AB (8001)
GFB, Turbo Fuse
GFB, Turbo Fuse

GFB, Turbo Fuse

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GFB Turbo Fuse:

The GFB Turbo Fuse is designed as a protection against accidental over-boosting in turbo-charged vehicals, which it does in conjuction with the car´s existing blow-off/bypass valve.

Important: For the Turbo Fuse to work correctly your car MUST be fitted with a blow-off or bypass valve, and that valve MUST be of the type that will open under boost if the its vacuum hose is removed. Most factory and aftermarket valves are of this type; the common exception is the HKS Super Sequential (and all copied products), and any valve that has been reversed in an attempt to hold boost better (this is a common trick with factory valves on Mitsubishi EVOs). The simple way to test your valve is to remove and plug the vacuum hose; then drive the car. If the valve opens when you accelerate and boost is lower than normal, then it is suitable.

The ability of the system to lower the boost level when the Turbo Fuse is triggered is dependant on the flow capacity of
the blow-off valve it is connected to, although most valves will drop the boost enough for the purpose of engine
protection. It does not matter if the valve is recirculated or vented to the atmosphere, but atmosphere-venting valves, as
an additional benefit, will give an audible indication that the device has been tripped.

Color: Silver

Vacuum hose connections: 6.3 mm

Parts included:

  • GFB Turbo Fuse
  • Installation instructions with detailed description of how to set the Fuse (in English)

To read more about GFB Turbo Fuse,under the link "Show product manual" above.

Vacuumhose Blue 6,3mm